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Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

Our expert Industrial Disease solicitors are here to offer free, confidential advice to our clients ‑ if you feel that your health has been negatively affected because of your occupation or workplace, you may be able to claim compensation.We offer a no win, no fee 100% compensation service to our clients who are unfortunately suffering because of an industrial disease. Below is a list of the areas of industrial disease that we specialise in recovering compensation for our clients in:

Asbestos Illnesses

People working in industries like plumbing, demolition work and at power stations, were likely to have been subjected to inhaling in fibres of asbestos often over a period of years.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Many medical conditions can be associated with RSI so much so that medical professionals often cannot specifically identify what condition it is and therefore use RSI.

Industrial Asthma

Occupational asthma is cause when people are exposed to certain substances in their working environment.

Industrial Dermatitis

Industrial Dermatitis results from inflamation of the skin due to a reaction caused by contact with an irratant in the workplace.

Chemical Poisoning

Injuries caused by chemicals including chemical burns or chemical poisoning through no fault of your own can lead to you claiming compensation for your employers negligence.

Vibration White Finger

Vibration white finger is now known as Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). The name was changed to HAVS, as other symptoms may also occur in addition to white fingers.

An occupational disease is a health issue caused by exposure to a workplace health hazard.

The work environment should be healthy for your body as well as mind.  It is possible to help to keep yourself as well as your workplace healthy by understanding health hazards in your environment.

These kind of occupational health hazards could cause an occupational disease:

  • Dust, gases or fumes
  • Noise
  • Toxic substances ( poisons )
  • Vibration
  • Radiation
  • Infectious germs or viruses
  • Extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Extremely high or low air pressure


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A County Durham-based firm has been in court after one of its employees suffered painful burns to his face, arm and hand, when he was hit by a jet of hot molten plastic.

What happened?

John Calcutt had been clearing solidified plastic from a large moulding machine at the firm’s site in Newton Aycliffe.

As he was doing so, hot liquid plastic was ejected from the machine and hit his arm, hand and the left side causing serious burns.

The 47-year old was airlifted

Enviroclean (Scotland) Ltd has been prosecuted after one of its workers was injured when the chainsaw he was using hit his leg as he slipped while felling trees.

What happened?

Hugh Dorricot had been instructed to clear the vegetation from a sloped embankment back in 2010. As he was felling one of the trees, the ground moved beneath his feet and he began to slide backwards down the embankment.

As he fell, the chainsaw that he had been using cut into